Senior Technical Architect

Peter is visionary, result-oriented, reliable and responsible project manager. As always, he considers the balance of the business requirements/concerns and the project realities. I’ve had the opportunity of being working with Peter alongside of the challenging capital market projects and enjoyed working with him at Scotiabank

Chief Operating Officer

The success of the project was due in large part to Pete's leadership skills. The interaction between the project task teams was extremely complex and Pete was able to develop a viable critical path and maintain his team's focus on the tasks that needed to be completed to ensure the integrity of the overall schedule. Pete developed an excellent relationship with his team, his clients and executive management.

Vice President, IT Services

Pete is, quite simply, the very best project manager I have ever worked with in my 27-year career. He is very diplomatic and knows how to influence others to get the job done. He is able to articulate the project details but still present a high-level vision for senior management. He knows how to navigate organizational politics without getting involved, and how to move obstacles out of the way. He is an inspiration to everyone he works with, and everyone enjoys working with him.